OXEVAC Industrial Cleaner

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OXEVAC Industrial Cleaner

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Oxevac Industrial Cleaner dissolves, sanitizes, and removes organic and inorganic material: mildew, algae, mold, gray matter and other line sludge

 • Now comes in tubs and is economical to use; 1 tub (3 pounds) = about 60 cleanings
 • Neutral pH, environmentally friendly, easy to use; safe for all vacuum pumps, safe for amalgamators
 • The non-foaming, peptizing action continues after initial cleaning, cleaning evacuation lines from odor, build-up, and residue; stops mildew from spreading
 • Reduce the build-up in lines - difficult for compounds to stick to pipes
 • Highly concentrated formula, continues to work even after the pumps have been turned off
 • Includes one 4-ounce (120 mL) plastic scoop
 • Also works for ice machines, kitchen garbage disposals, sinks, tubs, urinals, floor drains
 •  Made in the United States

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