DCI PN: 7133 Water Relay Combo Valve Repair Kit

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Water Relay Combo Valve Repair Kit
DCI PN: 7133

 • Kit is used to repair DCI PN: 7130/7139* Water Relay & Flow Control Combo Valves
 • May fit for older Pelton units and other delivery units, as well (valve itself is not included).

OEM # -This Part corresponds with the following brands and manufacturers:
 • DCI Equipment 70-20504
 • Marus 20504
 • Pelton & Crane 052772

Sample of 7130 part is shown in picture above the kit package (this part is not included in the kit).

*Please note that DCI PN: 7130 has been replaced by PN: 7139 for updated parts.

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