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HU-FRIEDY Cavitron Ultrasonic Insert 30kHz UI330K #3 Beavertail Streamline

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UI330K Cavitron Ultrasonic Insert 30kHz (BRAND NEW)
HU-FRIEDY Beavertail Streamline #3

Condition and SPECS::
  • Never opened; single insert
  • Frequency: 30kHz; use on low to high power settings
  • Compatible with 30kHz Cavitron Ultrasonic Units
  • Broad, flat "beavertail-like" tip
  • Yellow resin grip
  • Water delivery from the base of the tip, allowing thorough irrigation and lavage
  • Trapezoid shaped tip in cross-section

  • For use on moderate to heavy supragingival deposits, tenacious stain and orthodontic cement; ideal for anterior lingual surfaces

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