DentalEZ PLR-200 Dentist Patient Chair

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This item has SOLD and is no longer available.

***LOCAL ONLY to Houston***
----* Pick-Up - will need at least 2-3 strong people to lift and move the chair;
recommend either a truck with a bed or a van/SUV with ample room
----* If delivery is needed (for local only), additional $200+ depending on your location (we are located North Houston area).

Dental Patient Surgical Examination Chair | Original Price: $900.00
DentalEZ PLR-200
serial #15965

Condition & SPECS:
• 150 Volts - 60 Hz • 4.8 Amp Total Motor Load • 11.4 Amp Total Load
• Used, good condition - slight blemishes: small crack, stain (please see images)
• Blue upholstery - good, with small tear (see images)
• Tested by certified technician, all working parts functioning properly:
----• control switches
----• hydraulic adjustments
----• foot switch
----• chair lock mechanism for swivel
----• power cord (attached)
• Dual-location control switches located on left and right sides of chair
• Return position control switch located on right-hand (facing out) side
• Tapered back for close patient contact
• Base plate designed for closer stool placement

Control switch functions:
----• top - moves seat-back forward and backwards
----• middle - tilts chair at angle
----• bottom (on right side) - return position
----• metal foot switch - up and down
----• locking mechanism - switch it to left and chair can swivel; to lock, switch the pedal to the right

* No warranty. Sold as-is.
*Final Sale - Please come and take a look before purchase. Let us know if you have any questions!

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