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ADS AJ12 Orthodontic Package with Enlarged Cart

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AJ12 Orthodontic Package
with Enlarged Orthodontic Mobile Cart Cabinet

Standard Features:

A12 Electromechanical Chair:
• 3 Programmable positions
• Articulating headrest, swing out armrest
• Steel backrest stand, steel base plate
• Chair safety switch, wide backrest, upgraded fiber leather
• One touchpad attached on armrest
• Foot control

Post Mount Whale LED Light:
• Touchless sensor
• 3 Level intensity adjustment
• 40" Light Post

• Solid surface table

• 3 Auto HP control
• Master on/off switch
•1 HVE, 1 SE, 1 syringe
• Self-contained water bottle system
• 5 drawers
• Wet/dry foot control
• Junction box and valves
• 8' Umbilical
• 5-Hole Plug
• ADS Warranty

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