Tech West Oilless Air Compressor - Rocky, Elite Series

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Rocky - Elite Series Oilless Air Compressor
Tech West Inc.

• Provides 100% oil-free air to the dental office
• High performance air drying system prevents bacteria build-up in the tank
• All models have desiccant air drying systems with 0.01 micron filtration assuring clean, dry air with a dew point of -25°
• All air receiver tanks have internal epoxy coating applied
• Teflon coated pistons and sleeves ensure long life of the compressor heads
• Standard on all models, moisture indicators provide an early indication of moist air before moisture gets into the air lines
• Very quiet motor design at 64 dB-A, providing a smooth, quiet, vibration free operation
• Rocking piston technology decreases noise and increases motor life
• Remote air-intake filters trap dirt, dust, and air-born pollutants
• Energy efficient thermally protected split phase motors
• Voltage range of 208-245 on electrical motors (built in the U.S.), therefore, a buck boost transformer is not needed
• Integrated carrying handles makes for easy moving and installation

• Motor comes with a 5 Year Warranty OR a 3500 Hours Warranty (whichever comes first).
• Other components carry a 2 Year Warranty.

• Tech West will provide full plumbing and electrical design upon request.

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