Tech West Oilless Air Compressor - Ultra Clean, Elite Series

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Ultra Clean- Elite Series Oilless Air Compressor
Tech West Inc.

• Redesigned air dryer makes the unit more compact and reliable, allowing for installation under cabinets and in closets, saving space
• Compressor design offers the quietest compressors in the industry
• Electrical motor with capacitor start and run windings means faster starting and lower running amps to save electricity
• Motor will start under full compressor load with a voltage range of 208 / 248
• Energy efficient thermally protected motors, reducing the need for costly boost transformers
• One handle dryer quick shutdown and the ability to continue working until a service call can be made
• All models have desiccant air drying systems
• Air is dried to prevent bacteria build up in the tank
• Standard on all models, moisture indicators provide an early indication of moisture in the air before any condensation occurs
• Air intake filters trap dirt, dust, and air-born pollutants
• Internal epoxy coating is applied to all air receiver tanks
• Teflon coated pistons and sleeves ensure long life of the compressor heads
• Powder coated tank and platform allows for longer life on tank and platform; rust resistant
• Integrated carrying handles on the tank makes for easy moving and installation
• Compressors are available in single, dual, or triple-head configurations

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