TROLL DENTAL TrollByte Plus 2605 Digital Imaging Holder

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TrollByte Plus Digital Imaging Hold For Cygnus Ray #1
Starter Kit For Snapshot Sensor Holder #2

Condition and SPECS:
 • New, never used, unboxed for listing images
 • One-piece and color coded
 • Efficiently allows for the capturing of perfect images
 • Yellow: for upper and lower molar and premolars; can also be used for horizontal bitewing
 • Blue: for anterior periapicals and vertical bitewings
 • Red: for horizontal bitewings
 • Aiming Ring: color markings are linked to the respective color of the holder
 • Bite Block: needed for all anterior periapical images; works as an extension of the biteplane and allows placing of the sensor as posterior as possible
 • Always use a sensor cover to protect the sensor while taking x-rays; non-sterile
 • Procedures to clean the product:
   - Clean prior to first use
   - Spirits
   - Dishwashing machine/disinfector
   - Autoclave
 • Autoclave procedure: all parts are autoclavable and shall be autoclaved separately
 • Instruction manual is included with kit
 • Should only be used as a holder for dental x-ray; the manufacturer and its dealers are not liable for any other use of the product

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